Introducing RodeoPro, the ultimate solution in rodeo event management, scoring, and enjoyment. This innovative system seamlessly integrates with the Farmtek Polaris timer console, redefining the standard for equestrian event handling. RodeoPro is not just a scoring tool; it’s a comprehensive system crafted for various equestrian disciplines including barrel racing, pole bending, roping, team penning, bull riding, cutting, show jumping, and more. It’s fully compatible with the DakStat Rodeo 3000 software and easily integrates with All Sport 5100 and OmniSport 2000e consoles, ensuring top-notch efficiency and compatibility.

Key features of RodeoPro, your go-to rodeo scoring technology:

  1. Effortless Integration: RodeoPro works in harmony with DakStat Rodeo 3000 and Farmtek Polaris Timer, guaranteeing reliable synchronization for every rodeo event.
  2. Unmatched Versatility: It’s designed to work flawlessly with All Sport 5100 and OmniSport 2000e consoles, as well as the Farmtek Polaris Timer, catering to diverse event requirements.
  3. Live Scoring Updates: Experience real-time score updates, keeping everyone, from audiences to participants, engaged and informed.
  4. Rich Profiles: Detailed profiles for both riders and animals provide valuable insights and statistics, enhancing the rodeo experience for fans and commentators.
  5. Streamlined Event Management: Organizing rodeos becomes a breeze with RodeoPro’s intuitive tools for scheduling and performance tracking.
  6. Accurate Score Calculation: Our system ensures fairness and accuracy in scoring, adhering strictly to official rodeo rules.
  7. Dynamic Leaderboards: Stay up-to-date with instantly refreshed leaderboards that reflect the latest scores and rankings.
  8. Judging Interface: A secure and efficient system for judges to input scores, maintaining the integrity and focus of the competition.
  9. Mobile Compatibility: Access and manage scores conveniently on the go with full mobile device compatibility.
  10. Customizable Events: Tailor each event to meet specific requirements, with the flexibility to accommodate any rodeo format.
  11. Advanced Analytics: Gain deep insights with our comprehensive performance and engagement analytics.

RodeoPro is the essential tool for everyone involved in the rodeo arena, from event organizers and competitors to devoted fans. It’s designed to elevate your experience at every level.

Discover the transformative power of the Complete Rodeo Scoring System and see how it can revolutionize your rodeo events.